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Today’s educational system from K-12 to college is quickly becoming yesterday’s standard. Market leading companies like Boeing and Google are changing how and who they’re hiring. They want people that can make it in life, with real world experience, applicable skills and the ability to lead. The Center for Advanced Learning is one of the most innovative high schools in the country offering hands-on experiential curriculum in the fields of medicine, high-tech manufacturing, multi-media, cybersecurity, and entrepreneurship. Our industry connections are unrivaled and, by attending CAL for half of your school day, you earn more college credits than anywhere else.

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The CAL Student Experience

College credits, rigorous preparation for future academic goals, and a better sense of professionalism are just some of the wonderful things I took away from being a student at the Center for Advanced Learning (CAL). Many students may not understand the crucial impact earning college credit while in high school can have on one’s undergraduate career. However, I am currently a rising junior in college with the option of graduating early because CAL offered so many college credits in courses like English and Anatomy & Physiology. It may not seem like a big deal to earn a few college credits here and there, but trust me when I say, it makes all the difference in the world once you are in college. Therefore, taking advantage of these incredible opportunities that CAL has to offer for free, is something every student should work towards, regardless of how difficult it may be. The road to success occasionally has a few bumps, but CAL does a great job of helping students realize that these bumps are in fact necessary. Challenging students from all program areas is something CAL should be proud of because as a former student myself, I realized my own capabilities and found a drive within myself to be the best I could possibly be, so that one day, I could give back to my community. Being challenged through rigorous courses, assignments, and projects is what allowed me to best prepare for the heavy, fast-paced material taught in college. Not only did CAL prepare me academically, but it also prepared me emotionally in terms of how to act in the real world. Professionalism is something that is expected in college and in the workforce. Because CAL chose to treat students as young adults instead of children, students like myself could work on acting and communicating in a professional manner to better prepare for interactions in the future. Ultimately, when I look back at my high school experience, I can’t imagine it without CAL. CAL did not only provide me with an opportunity to expand on my academic goals and aspirations to prepare for college as a premed student, it was also a place I considered and still consider a second home. The staff at CAL are like family because of the support and genuine help they provide to each student that walks through the door, and given that I was once one of those students, all I can say is thank you.

Amarti Gerba

CAL Alumni 2016