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The CAL Approach

The Possibilities

The Center for Advanced Learning makes it possible for bright, engaged teens to become successful professionals in today’s most innovative industries. Each student’s education is enriched by college-level coursework, hands-on learning, diverse program offerings, and internships. All students have the potential to harness their CAL education as they move from high school to professional success.

The Programs

CAL programs are designed to help students become professional, ethically-driven collaborators and problem solvers in the 21st century workforce. Students can discover their passions for:

Caring and serving others through health services

Developing creative ideas and implementing innovative approaches to improve the life of others and our local companies

Analyzing and designing solutions using technology that support and promote our community

The People

At our core, we’re a network of people who are passionate about the activation of knowledge.  We’re curious students, inspired teachers and staff, engaged mentors, and motivated parents.  Our people are diverse in their interests; what’s common is our commitment to core values.





CAL’s Core Values

The Center for Advanced Learning enables high school students to achieve their greatest academic and professional potential. Our inquiry-based curriculum-activated by students, teachers, parents, and community partners-teaches CAL students how to:

Succeed in challenging coursework

Ask critical questions and explore innovative answers

Investigate their professional interests

Contribute to and collaborate with their community

CAL students have every opportunity to become smart, creative contributors to some of the 21st Century’s most important fields. Discover the possibilities, programs, and people that set CAL apart from the typical high school experience.