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Your future.  Your choice.

You’re a Dreamer… A Thinker… A Builder

If this is you and you seek out new challenges, then CHANGElab is for you. You are in control of your future and CAL can help you create your way to success. CHANGElab is a two year course which takes you through identifying problems and developing solutions, but also creating a social action project that addresses a problem in the community with a viable solution.

CAL has given me the opportunity to focus on the career field that I want to go into. It is a community that strives for excellence. It has helped me go beyond my comfort zone and has taught me more responsibility than ever. I like being with people who are motivated to be in school

The main focus in Launchlab and Changelab is leadership and entrepreneurship, we feel real world experiences and engaging activities are the best methods to learn these skills. We use real world problems to foster an entrepreneurial mindset, and many of our students start and own their own business during this program, which we fully support in developing with them.  After students gain experiences running their own entrepreneurial venture, we also partner with community organizations and address problems the students select in the community.