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My English class is teaching me more than I have ever learned

CAL English, with its emphasis on writing and critical thinking, is designed to prepare students for the rigors of college and to guide them toward effective communication in career settings.

What Can Students Expect?

Students can expect classes that are focused primarily on building strong writing, note-taking, critical reading, speaking, and listening skills–all CAL students learn to participate in and lead discussion. Overall, students should be ready to develop written documents, read a wide array of informative and fictional texts, and discuss/present their understanding of the subjects and themes that the classes introduce.

College Courses Offered

All incoming students are required to take a college placement writing test. These tests are administered free at Mt. Hood Community College (MHCC). Students need to complete this test and send their scores to CAL before August 1st prior to their first year at CAL. Instructions for this process are sent to incoming students in June prior to their first year at CAL.

All CAL students participating in any college course work at CAL, no matter their program, register with MHCC FREE OF CHARGE.

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First Year at CAL

Introduction to College Writing (WR115)

This course introduces students to college-level writing that is informed by critical thinking and the ideas of others as found in texts.  The primary focus is on writing short analytical, expository essays based on readings, outside materials and, to a lesser extent, personal experiences.  Summary writing, organization, development, sentence style, grammar and beginning documentation also are stressed.  Information literacy is introduced.  WR115 is a preparatory course for students who need to improve their writing skills before they begin the standard transfer college composition sequence.  This class is available for four college credits.

Introduction to Fiction (ENG104)

Students explore a wide range of fiction by examining the way authors use character, setting, plot, theme and other elements to portray human experiences.  This class is available for four college credits.

Second Year at CAL

English Composition (WR121)

WR121 presents writing as a means of exploring, developing, and communicating ideas.  Students compose essays that support and develop a thesis, and learn to develop critical reading and analytical skills.  They learn clear and effective communication with an emphasis on understanding audience and the process of written reasoning through the development of information literacy skills.  This class is available for four college credits.

English Composition: Critical Thinking (WR122)

WR122 focuses on specific ways to develop critical augmentative essays in response to the challenges of increasingly complex contexts, competing arguments, and issues in politics, rhetoric and commercial media.  Students practice further how to develop effective theses and reasoning.  Students will learn the skills to find an appropriate subject and evaluate a variety of sources to write a major research assignment.  This class is available for four college credits.