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National Career Readiness Certificate


Oregon’s National Career Readiness Certificate (NCRC) is a distinctive certification of workplace skills. The NCRC addresses concerns voiced by our state’s business community, namely access to qualified job applicants. It also is a readily accessible resource for Oregon’s workers to document their skills. The Oregon NCRC serves as a valuable link between business and skilled workers.

A valuable skills-based certification for Oregon

The NCRC is a nationally recognized certificate that documents foundational workplace skills and helps applicants stand out from the crowd. Because the NCRC is objective, it assures businesses that applicants have the skills needed to be successful on the job. The NCRC can be incorporated into an business’s recruitment and hiring process. It helps Oregon businesses develop and maintain the skilled workers they need.

The NCRC is a distinctive certification of applied skill in three core areas. The certificate is relevant for people with all levels of experience, for jobs at every point on the skill continuum and in nearly any industry. The NCRC documents an individual’s work-related skills in:

Applied Mathematics
(solving workplace problems using math)

Reading for Information
(demonstrating how you read and understand workplace documents)

Locating Information
(finding information on charts, graphs, etc., in your work)

How the NCRC works


The NCRC reduces hiring and training costs because it helps businesses quickly identify work readiness skills of job applicants. Job applicants with an NCRC have a certified level of foundational skills, and are ready for training on specific job requirements. The NCRC helps businesses identify the right fit between an applicant and a job opening, which can contribute to reduced turnover.

The NCRC can be easily incorporated within a business’s existing hiring and training practices as one factor in many to determine an applicant’s fit for a job. For more information on how to get started with the NCRC, businesses can find local representatives at www.OregonWorkReady.com.


Individuals can earn the NCRC at locations around the state, typically at WorkSource Oregon centers or community colleges. A list of sites can be found at WorkSourceOregon.org.

A pre-assessment is available to gauge whether a worker is ready to earn the NCRC. When further study is needed, tutorials are provided for additional skill development. Oregonians who earn the NCRC receive a nationally recognized, portable certificate that can be used in any state that utilizes the NCRC. By earning a certificate, many people gain confidence in their ability to document for a business their actual level of skills. In addition, many workers earning an NCRC find they have a higher level of foundational skills than expected. Certificate earners are encouraged to include their NCRC level on their résumé.

Through Oregon’s public investment in the program, there is no cost for Oregonians to earn an NCRC.

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