Business Partners

CAL is a unique school because of its business partners.  They provide CAL with authentic projects, internships, clinical experience, equipment and supplies.  Our business partners revolve around our program areas.

Computer Information Systems

EnergySec – Provides guest speakers, helps run summer camps, and other cyber-related events
Pacstar - Helps to run summer camps for cyber
Treehouse - Offers scholarships and student employment oppertunities for programming
OHSU - Provides guest speakers for cyber
Microchip Technology – Provides funding and mentors for the robotics team.
City of Gresham - Internships and speakers

Digital Media and Design Partners

Lewis:Creative – Brings expertise into our classrooms, working alongside our students.
MetroEast Community Media – Provides us with projects, mentoring, equipment and curriculum.
Mt. Hood Community College Integrated Media Program
Troutdale Historical Society – Provides field experiences and projects for our students.

Health Sciences

The following companies allow our students to experience the medical/dental community:
Powell Valley Assisted Living
Rockwood Chiropractic Clinic
Sandy Fire Department
Silky Skin Laser Therapy
Therapeutic Associates
VCA Animal Hospitals and Clinics


Mechanical Engineering and Manufacturing

KCR Manufacturing: Classroom mentoring, and partnership and curriculum development.
Microchip Technology – Funding and mentoring for the robotics team.
The Boeing Company – Funding, mentoring and Internships for the robotics team and students.
Toyo Tanso Manufacturing – Internships for students.
Cascade Corporation – Internships for students.

CAL is very proud to be associated with all of our partners.  If you have any questions about our partner programs or are interested in becoming a business partner with the Center for Advanced Learning, please contact our Program and Information Assistant, Tom Bignall. Click here to e-mail Tom.