The Application Process

The Center for Advanced Learning offers a two-year program for high school students who want to build their resume and enhance their college applications while still in high school.  At CAL, nearly one college year of transferable credits can be obtained while completing requirements for the Oregon High School diploma from their home high school. CAL applications are provided upon touring the school. To schedule a tour and receive your application, click here.

CAL is the right choice for students who:

  • Actively explore new ideas, poses questions about their meaning, significance, and implications
  • Recognize patterns and deviations from previously learned patterns
  • Appreciates abstraction and generalization revealed within a subject area
  • Are willing to be challenged as part of the learning process
  • Contribute to and benefits from group problem-solving activities and takes responsibility for own learning
  • Persevere when faced with time-consuming or complex tasks
  • Produce valid oral, written, and/or symbolic arguments to support a position or conclusion
  • Are convinced that effort is an important component of success in any subject area
  • Have completed two years of high school Math and English. For Health Sciences Program: two years of Science (Biology & Chemistry preferred)

High School Cover Letters

Centennial High School
Gresham High School
Reynolds High School
Sam Barlow High School
Springwater Trail High School



Where is CAL located?

In Gresham Station at 1484 NW Civic Drive.  For telephone contact, call (503) 667-4978.

How do I get there?

Transportation will be provided between CAL and your home high school. Or, you can drive to CAL, where limited parking will be provided and parking permits are required.  Trimet/MAX can also be taken to the Civic Drive stop in Gresham.

Can I still participate in extra-curricular activities?

Yes, CAL’s schedule will allow you to participate in extra-curricular activities at your home high school.

Will I receive a diploma from my home high school?

Yes, all CAL credits will apply toward your home high school diploma, even those that also count for college credit.

What programs does CAL offer?

At CAL, students participate in one of five areas: Computer Information Systems, Dental Health Science, Digital Media and Design, Mechanical Engineering and Manufacturing, Medical Health Science, and CHANGElab@CAL.

What required classes will I take at CAL?

Each CAL student will complete a college-level English class and three classes in their chosen program of study, for a total of four classes each year while at CAL.

Is CAL a two-year program?  How does it work?

Yes.  Students spend half of each school day at their home high school and spend the remainder of their day at CAL to complete their program of study over a two-year period during their junior and senior years.

Who teaches at CAL?

Our teachers come from local high schools, community colleges, and from regional businesses.

Am I required to do a Senior Project if I attend CAL?

Most second year CAL students will complete a capstone project, depending on their program area. The capstone project culminates the students’ knowledge, problem-solving, critical and creative thinking, and collaborative skills before a panel of educators and industry leaders.