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Learn alongside students who are driven and interested…like you.

To be successful at CAL you must be determined to accomplish your goals, willing to present new ideas, contribute to a team, and to take responsibility for your own learning. Successful students represent all levels of learning. CAL students stand apart from their peers because of their tenacity and grit. At CAL we get to work and make things happen!

Earn a great resume before leaving high school. 

Build your resume with opportunities to solve real workplace problems while working along side experts in the industry of your choice. Internships and problem-solving sessions with business insiders, local news media, manufacturing giants like Boeing, local entrepreneurs, and health clinics lead to resume building experience.

Earn college credits by attending CAL. 

Last year students at the Center for Advanced Learning earned a total of 4,548 college credits. That's a lot of extra credit for spending half the day learning about their chosen career program. All classes at CAL satisfy elective and/or core classes for your diploma. Academically, CAL candidates are most successful when two years of Math, Science, and English are completed by the end of Sophomore year. See your counseling department for more information regarding credit recovery and other options for CAL admission. For Health Science candidates, two years of Science credits are required.

Stay connected to your home high school. 

Attending CAL gives you the best of both worlds. Students at CAL attend half-time their Junior and Senior years. This allows you to stay connected to your friends and athletic programs at your home high school.