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Welcome Home!

CAL is moving forward everyday. We have a fresh set of students every year, new equipment being installed and curriculum always being improved.  At the same time we do not want to forget our past students.

This page is a dedication to those magnificent alumni .

Alumni Stories

Karl Cardin

Karl Cardin, who is now a PSU student and former KCR Manufacturing employee has designed and engineered 4 ping pong paddles that have been used aboard the International Space Station!

Read more about Karl’s story here.

Alison Brown, Graduated CAL in 2007:

After graduating from Oregon State University in 2011, Alison commissioned an 8-foot bronzed Oregon Duck. Watch the video of Alison’s story here

Eddie Ramirez, Graduated CAL in 2010:

Graduated from OHSU in dentistry. Read his story here.

To see more amazing stories visit CAL Archive

Get In Contact

If you have a story or just want to let us know what you are doing now, where you have been, what you have studied, and what you miss and loved about your days at CAL.