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Computer Information Systems


Your future.  Your choice.

I was amazed how much detail goes into coding, and cybersecurity just fascinated me!

George Cameron, Chancellor of the Exchequer of the United Kingdom spoke about the importance of cybersecurity in 2016, he said:

“If we do not act decisively, the skills gap will grow, and limit everything we want to achieve in cyberspace. So we will …build the cyber skills our country needs, identifying young people with cyber talent, training them, and giving them a diversity of routes into cyber careers.”



Read the fascinating insights to Mr. Braught’s thoughts and opinions on Computer Information Systems, how they relate to CAL and changing the world forever!

Rethinking Assessments

Earlier in the year, I read a blog about assessing students according to their preferences and strengths instead of using the standard feedback of paper & pencil. I reflected on the post and decided that I needed to change how I assess students’ learning. I needed to allow the students to use their talents to explain what they had learned. Click here to read the full blog post.

Reading Strategy for Cyber Security

Cyber Security is continually evolving so I have the students read current articles in class and we use the information from articles and videos for class discussions. I had problems in the past with the students reading assigned articles and have meaningful discussions. I must give credit to my colleague for coming up with the strategy we employed this year. What we originally saw as ‘apathy’ or unwillingness in responses quickly revealed a misunderstanding and the need for clarity of the readings. We feel embedding and following through with this reading strategies have been a positive and meaningful addition to student comprehension and performance. The discussions became more interactive. Click here for the full post

Best Senior Assessment

I was sitting in the library researching a topic that I found fascinating. I cannot remember the topic anymore but it probably was about electronics because I enjoyed building electrical projects. I became lost in time as I spent a week reading every article and books from the library about the topic until I came to my senses. I realized that I had a midterm the next day in the very same class that I was doing extra research. I took out my materials to study for the exam and realized the professor will never know what I had learned during the past week. Click here to read more

CIS Overview

This technological infrastructure depends on well-trained professionals to support the systems and networks necessary for essential computer operations.  At CAL, students learn programming, networking, and are exposed to multiple cybersecurity technologies, processes, and procedures.  Our students learn how to analyze cybersecurity threats, vulnerabilities and risks and develop appropriate strategies to mitigate potential cybersecurity problems.