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Computer Information Systems

Your future.  Your choice.

I was amazed how much detail goes into coding, and cybersecurity just fascinated me!

George Cameron, Chancellor of the Exchequer of the United Kingdom spoke about the importance of cybersecurity in 2016, he said:

“If we do not act decisively, the skills gap will grow, and limit everything we want to achieve in cyberspace. So we will …build the cyber skills our country needs, identifying young people with cyber talent, training them, and giving them a diversity of routes into cyber careers.”



Read the fascinating insights to Mr. Braught’s thoughts and opinions on Computer Information Systems, how they relate to CAL and changing the world forever!

Reenergized by Disconnecting

This is the first post in a while as I took a break. I spent ten days in the panhandle of Idaho and Montana visiting my wife’s family. I always look forward to this yearly trip as I do not have much access to the internet or cellular data. It is always refreshing and energizing not being connected. During the ten days, I visited with family without someone constantly checking their phones for updates while we were talking.

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PDX Summer Cybersecurity Camp

There were three cybersecurity camps this week in the Portland area. One featured a girl’s only camp because not one female signed up last year. They had 20 girls who attended the camp and they all enjoyed their time. CAL started with 23 students on Monday but was down to 21 by the end of the week because of an illness and a family situation. The camp was sponsored by PacStar and EnergySec and we used the AFA CyberPatriot curriculum. The last day was a competition and it was competitive as each team wanted to gain the most points by hardening their systems and the Raspberry Pi.

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Why Teach High Schoolers?

Every year I am amazed at the results of my end of the year survey. The lesson the students remember the most is the first one I present during their junior year in Cyber Security 1. The students spend a lot of time searching the internet for their lessons. I was shocked the first year of teaching the class that the students did not know how to search the internet effectively. It was surprising to me because my students have grown up with technology and I assumed the students were taught early how to search. Every year my survey indicates they have never been taught the skills before this class.

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CIS Overview

This technological infrastructure depends on well-trained professionals to support the systems and networks necessary for essential computer operations.  At CAL, students learn programming, networking, and are exposed to multiple cybersecurity technologies, processes, and procedures.  Our students learn how to analyze cybersecurity threats, vulnerabilities and risks and develop appropriate strategies to mitigate potential cybersecurity problems.