Oregon Digital Media College Programs

February 9, 2018 / Posted by Cane Prevost

If you are interested in a career in digital media there are quite a few choices for you in Oregon. Students who study digital media go on to have careers in photography, graphic design, video production, advertising, illustration, animation, mobile app development and more. There is a thriving market in the Portland area for people with these skills. Here's where you can go after high school.

Mt. Hood Community College's Integrated Media Program- The Mount Hood program is where quite a few CAL students choose to go after high school. It has a number of great advantages. What I particularly like about the program is that it's a very hands on program. It's designed to get students ready for the work world in a hurry. The program is 2 years but manages to squeeze in all the content education you'd usually have to take 4 years at a university to get. It's also home to the only commercial photography program in the state. It has a state of the art broadcast studio and a great graphic design program. In many ways the CAL program is modeled after this one and it's a great choice for CAL students. 

Portland State's Graphic Design Program- Portland State has one of the only pure graphic design programs left in Oregon. This major used to be at all the big universities but has been surplanted by more diverse digital media programs. If graphic design is your thing this program is a good one. It's competitive and rigorous and happily located in the heart of Portland where most of the graphic design jobs in Oregon are located. 

The University of Oregon's Art and Technology Program- This is a fine art program with a digital media focus. If you are more art focused and want a traditional art education with a digital media focus this program may be for you. It offers classes in:

  • Interactivity
  • Video art
  • Game art
  • Animation
  • Installation
  • Imaging
  • Programming
  • Design
  • Art and design history


Oregon State University- OSU has a very highly regarded Graphic Design program. This program has been around for a long time and is the premiere program in the state. If you want a traditional graphic design degree this is a good choice. 
Oregon state also offers a Digital Arts Communications degree. This is a unique degree program that Students have the opportunity to focus their studies on a particular area within New Media Communications, choosing between a BS, a BA, or a BFA in Digital Communication Arts. The BFA in Digital Communication Arts has a focus on production and visualization. It's a program where you'll become an expert storyteller. It that sounds like something you'd be interested in give the website a look. 

Clackamas Community College- CCC has a one year web design certificate program. If you are wanting a quick entry to the work force this may be a great way to go. With only one year of study and a certificate you'll be ready for an entry level job in the rapidly expanding field of web design and development. 

Portland Community College- PCC offers a unique multimedia design program. You can earn a one year certificate or a 2 year BA degree. This will get you prepared for entry level jobs in digital media fields.