Thank You For Supporting CAL

At the Center for Advanced Learning, we are dedicated to offering career and college opportunities for all CAL students. Like many charter schools, we rely, in part, on charitable giving to provide career and college access to all CAL students. Gifts to CAL will enable us to:
  • Close the budget gap between state funding and the real cost of a CAL student’s education,
  • Provide students with industry standard technology and resources,
  • Enable us to hire and retain expert faculty in each program and,
  • Achieve our longstanding goal of financial sustainability,
To support our goals, making a donation will help us in the following ways:

A one time gift of:

$60 will allow us to buy a box of copy paper reams or a state of the art stethoscope,
$200 will allow us to buy a Chrome book or a class field trip to downtown Portland and,
$2500 will allow us to buy a HD Mac desktop or a 3D printer.
We appreciate all contributions to CAL.   All community members who donate will receive our monthly newsletter.   Those donors who contribute more than $20/month will receive our quarterly CAL Literary Magazine.  Those who contribute $40/month will also receive a CAL tee shirt!

Monthly recurring donations

make it easy to support CAL and help our school achieve our funding goals over time.  To donate, please click the “Donate” button below where you will be redirected to a secure PayPal page.
Donations can be scheduled through our secure PayPal system.  Simply click “Make this recurring (Monthly)”.  Some ways in which your donation can help:
$10 per month allows us a reliable flow of teacher supplies throughout the year.
$40 per month will supply 10 students with the cost of first aid certification and/or Certified Nursing Assistant training.
$100 per month could support two CAL second-year students with a $500 college scholarship after completion of their program