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Computer Information Systems

Program Description

The Computer Information Systems (CIS) program at CAL is not an average information technology program. In taking full advantage of the two year program model, courses build off of each other so that the student experiences long-term projects and learns a deep understanding of technical systems. The courses are offered in such a way that students can borrow or build off of knowledge learned previously and continue to stretch their understanding in different disciplines.

Program Courses

Junior Year Senior Year
Cyber Security I (Introduction) Cyber Security II (Advanced)
Programming I (Introduction) Programming II (Advanced)
Web Programming* Game Programming*
Junior-Level English Senior-Level English

* These courses alternate depending on the year--but both courses will be taken by the end of the two year program

Securing The Digital World

The CIS program at CAL functions as the leader in cybersecurity education at the high school level in the state of Oregon, and is the only high school in the nation (that we are aware of) that offers security courses to the same degree and rigor as our program. The CIS courses at CAL are tied directly to MHCC’s nationally recognized security program, and students will earn college credits from these courses.

Programming to Problem-Solve

In addition to a full two-year security education, students will also spend two years learning both fundamental and advanced topics in programming. The first year students will become experts in the Python programming language, and end their first year pursuing a project of their choice. The senior year focuses students and teaches applied programming topics, and also works to build a deeper understanding of how programming ties into other systems and processes.

A Leader In College Credit

The CIS program has spent years building a relationship with MHCC to ensure that many of its courses remain dual-credit. CAL instructors often attend many workshops, meetings, and formally submit curriculum every year in order to remain eligible to offer courses that students also received college-credits from. We offer more college credits than any of the other programs at CAL. The following is a breakdown of which courses articulate with various MHCC courses:

CAL Course MHCC Course(s) # of Credits
Cyber Security I ISTM183C: Fundamentals of Cyber Security 3
Cyber Security II CIS120 + 120L: Computer Concepts I 4
Programming I CIS122: Computer Concepts III 4
Web Programming CIS197HTM: Web Authoring - HTML5 and CSS3 3
Game Programming CIS125GA: Introduction to Game Programming
CIS135: Introduction to Gaming
Total Possible*: 20

*Students must successfully pass the course in order to be awarded college credit
**Students also have the ability to earn as many as 14 college credits from their English course as well.

Extending Your Experience

In addition to the two-year program, the CIS department also sponsors a number of after-school experiences that allow students to compete, learn, or gain professional certifications:

Cyber Patriot Logo


CyberPatriot is a high-school level cyber security competition that competes on a national level. CAL has been an active participate, and even qualified for nationals. Students meet 1-2 times a week and learn how to harden an OS, work with many different kinds of systems, and even learn to troubleshoot some basic networking security.


Oregon Game Project Challenge

The Oregon Game Project Challenge is a statewide competition where students are given a theme to make a video game, and then build one.

CAL offers time after school and mentorship for those students who are interested in building a game of their own and competing at the state level.

Secuirty Plus Logo

Security+ Study Group

The cyber security courses offered by CAL generally prepares students to earn the Security+ professional certification.

This group will begin to meet 2nd semester and provide a structured way to begin to formally prepare for the exam.

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