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Digital Media and Design

With constantly changing technology and ever increasing reliance on digital content, the Digital Media and Design (DMD) program at CAL is poised to get students ready for a variety of careers in the creative services industries. In this hands-on program, CAL students learn techniques for image development; they capture, create, and edit video and photo files for media productions and projects. Developing concepts through scripts and storyboards, CAL DMD students practice design, animation, digital storytelling, photography, and videography for film, web, and other types of multimedia productions. Second-year DMD students work on projects brought to CAL by professionals within our community.

CAL DMD students also get the chance to work on real world projects. CAL started works with the advertising agency Lewis Creative on a project for the Troutdale Historical Society to develop an advertising campaign for a new museum celebrating the 100th anniversary of the Columbia River Highway. After a successful year of development and  paid summer internships the project has launched. See for yourself, it could be something you work on someday.

Program Courses

DMD courses rotate every other year. Incoming students will start at either year 1 ot year 2 of the cycle. 
Year 1 Year 2
Ditigal Art 1/ Digital Art 2 Digital Photography
Advertising/ Graphic Design Video Production
Web Development(Juniors) / Senior Portfolio (Seniors) Web Development(Juniors) / Senior Portfolio (Seniors)
English English

Preparing Digital Citizens

The DMD program prepares students to go out and take on the digital world. They will gain mastery over all aspects of dital media from image making, video production, social media, web design and development, copyright and legal aspects of the web and more. Our goal is to create students who are comfortable taking on a wide variety of tasks that involve complex and integrated skills. They can work in teams or individually to problem solve complex design challenges. They are 21st century ready.

Designing to Problem-Solve

The curriculum in Digital Media and Design is project based. Student start with simple challenges and as they gain mastery move on to more complex design challenges. In their senior year students work with outside clients and design everything from logos, videos, websites, brochures, posters, social media marketing campaigns and more. These complex design challenges are meant to give students a real world look at what it means to design useful and high quality media for clients.

A Leader In College Credit

CAL works closely with Mount Hood Community College to articulate classes for college credit. Because many of our faculty have qualifications to teach at the college level we are able to offer a wide variety of college credits. In Digital Media and Design these cedits inciude:

MHCC Course(s) # of Credits
IM120 Computer and File Management 1
IM121 Basic Vector Illustration 1
IM122 Basic Image Editing 1
IM123 Basic Sound Editing 1
IM124 Basic Non Linear Editing 1
IM125 Basic Page Layout 1
ART260 Digital Photography 4
CIS197HTM: Web Authoring - HTML5 and CSS3 4
ENGLISH 115/ 104 7 total
ENGLISH 121/ 122 8 total
Total Possible*: 29

*Students must successfully pass the course in order to be awarded college credit
**Students also have the ability to earn as many as 14 college credits from their English course as well.

Extending Your Experience

In addition to the two-year program, the DMD program offers other ways to students to gaim valuable experience:


Metro East Community Media

Metro East Community Media has been a valuable partner to CAL. Metro East offers studio training to CAL DMD students. They have the opportunity to work in an industry level TV studio where they learn all aspects of running a multi camera broadcast. Metro East also offers after school classes, training,  internships, and even gear checkouts to CAL students. It's a great way for students to interact with professionals in the field while still in high school. 



CAL works hard to develop and fund internships for students in all program areas. In Digital Media and Design students have had the opportunity to intern at Lewis Creative, a full service graphic design and advertising studio, taking on a variety of different challenging tasks from launching a museum, creating promotional videos, websites, phone apps, and much more.  CAL agressively seeks partnerships with local businesses and non profits to offer these kind of opportunities for students because we believe that real world experience in high school is key to future success. 


Client Work Studio

During their senior year students work on a variety of client based projects of all sizes. Students will devleop design comps, pitch ideas, interact with clients, and manage all aspects of working in a creative industry. In this class students will have an opportunity to put all their skills to work as they make websites, videos, photos, posters, logos, and more. When students get the chance to take their work out of the classroom and into the work world it has an immediate impact on their skills. They produce high quality industry standard work. They enter college with the confidence that they can be successful in the digital media industry. 

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